IELTS Speaking Part 1 – Introduction – Music


  1. Do you frequently listen to music?
    Yes, I often indulge in listening to music, particularly film songs and Punjabi folk tunes.
  2. When do you engage in listening to music?
    I listen to music whenever I have free time. I have downloaded a few songs on my cellphone, and it serves as a relaxing activity for me.
  3. How much time do you devote to listening to music each day?
    I dedicate an hour or two daily to listening to music.
  4. What genres of music do you enjoy?
    I appreciate Hindi film songs and have a fondness for Punjabi folk music.
  5. What’s your preferred genre of music?
    Folk music stands out as my favorite, although I also enjoy film music.
  6. Have you attended a concert?
    Yes, I attended a concert once featuring a renowned Punjabi singer. This annual charity event took place in a village near my hometown. The electrifying performance included the singer playing his tambourine.
  7. Do you have a preference for live music?
    Certainly, I enjoy live music. Whether in restaurants, marriage functions, or concerts, the experience of live music is quite enjoyable.
  8. When did you begin exploring this type of music?
    I distinctly remember attending Gurdas Maan’s live concert last year. Before that, I had never experienced a live music show.
  9. Where do you typically listen to music?
    Concerts may be held in purpose-built halls or other large venues like school halls or even open-air spaces like fields or stadiums. Amplification through loudspeakers is common for large audiences to hear the music clearly.
  10. How do you feel when immersed in this music?
    Listening to music brings a profound sense of relaxation. It feels as if all worries and tensions have momentarily dissipated, allowing me to forget everything.
  11. Have you tried learning a musical instrument?
    Yes, I attempted to learn the guitar during a vacation stay with my cousin. However, I found it to be quite challenging.
  12. Is music a significant subject in Indian schools?
    Unfortunately, no. Music is an optional subject in some schools, but not all educational institutions include it in their curriculum.
  13. Did you frequently listen to music during your childhood? If yes, provide details.
    Yes, I did listen to music as a child, primarily focusing on film music.
  14. Which genres of music are most popular in India?
    Given India’s diversity, all types of music enjoy popularity. Preferences range from folk, classical, and Sufi music to film and fusion music, with artists like A.R. Rahman contributing to the fusion genre.
  15. Which singer or musician would you like to meet in person?
    I would like to meet A.R. Rahman as I consider him one of the best musicians of our time.



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