Follow ups questions for-Describe a difficult task that you

Describe a difficult task that you completed at work/study that you felt proud of

1. What are the things that make people feel proud?
Their age determines it, I believe. During childhood or youth, accomplishing challenging tasks undoubtedly instills a sense of pride. For instance, securing a top rank in a competition, gaining admission to a highly-ranked university, or winning a sports match. Yet, with age, the focus shifts to their children’s accomplishments, and pride is felt when their offspring achieves milestones in life.

2. Do people often feel proud of themselves when they complete a difficult task?
Certainly! Yes, I believe a sense of achievement energizes human beings. We take pride in conquering challenging tasks, recognizing that many others might not accomplish them. Moreover, conquering difficult tasks ensures our efforts yield results, and witnessing the fruition of our hard work is one of the most joyful experiences in the world.

3. What challenges do young people face today?
Today’s youth encounter numerous challenges, with competition emerging as the most significant. Merely working hard is insufficient, and many experience failure due to the escalating competition. Inflation and high prices constitute the second challenge, making it difficult to afford various necessities. Lastly, the youth now shoulder more responsibilities. The extended life expectancy requires them to not only attend to their children but also care for their parents and grandparents, leaving minimal time for relaxation or hobbies.

4. How do young people handle difficult or challenging tasks?
The internet has significantly simplified life in this regard. Websites such as Google and Youtube offer abundant information on how to tackle problems. Additionally, young people seek advice from their parents and grandparents when addressing issues.

5. What kinds of rewards do people receive from work?
The company determines this. Firstly, some companies offer performance-based bonuses and incentives to employees who achieve set targets. Secondly, employees receive motivation through employer appreciation or awards such as employee of the month, prominently displayed on the wall for everyone to see.

6. What are the most difficult jobs that people do?
Working in the armed forces, such as the army, navy, or air force, poses the greatest risk to life, making it the most challenging job. Additionally, being a doctor or nurse is also a difficult profession, as a small mistake can result in the loss of lives.



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