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Describe a good advertisement that you think is useful

1. What do you think of online advertising?
Online advertising can both benefit and annoy users. It enables the discovery of new products and services, but at times, excessive and intrusive ads can disrupt our online experience. Advertisers must strive to strike a balance to avoid causing too much disruption.

2. Are there any great online advertisements?
Certainly! Many great online advertisements exist! Some of them grab our attention using catchy jingles and colorful visuals, while others make us feel happy by telling heartwarming stories. Cleverly, these ads make us want to purchase the products they promote.

3. What do people usually buy?
Online shoppers commonly purchase clothing and electronic products due to the enticing deals. Last year, I personally acquired an iPhone during Amazon’s Great Indian Festival sale, saving around Rs. 5000 compared to the Apple store price.

4. Why does buying new things make people happy?
Acquiring new possessions brings happiness to people as it sparks excitement and joy within them. Obtaining something new instills a sense of pride and specialness. It serves as a personal gift, adding happiness and satisfaction to our lives.

5. Do people watch useless advertisements in this day and age?
People frequently view advertisements, even when the content appears useless, as these ads occasionally reveal previously unknown items. People watch amusing or entertaining ads for enjoyment. Occasionally, an ad we perceive as useless can still capture our attention, leading to the retention of the product or brand in our memory.

6. Do you think there is too much advertising in our daily lives?
Advertising inundates our daily lives with a substantial presence. At times, the constant barrage of ads on TV, phones, and streets becomes annoying, creating an overwhelming experience. Consequently, some individuals desire a reduction in advertising to attain a greater sense of peace.



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