Describe a person you know who likes to talk a lot.

Question – Describe a person you know who likes to talk a lot.
You should say:
– Who this person is
– How do you know him/her?
– What he/she likes to talk about
– And explain how you feel about this person.

  • Among the talkative individuals I know, my cousin Rubina stands out as the most talkative person in my life.
  • She is the daughter of my paternal uncle and resides in the house next to ours.
  • Currently in the 10th grade, she is fifteen years old.
  • Possessing a tall and beautiful stature, she has a fair complexion, dimples on both cheeks, and jet black curly hair that she usually leaves loose.
  • Whenever she smiles, those dimples appear on both cheeks.
  • With her constant chatter, there is no need for any TV or radio when she is around, providing ample entertainment.
  • I often marvel at her boundless energy, wondering where she gathers the vigor to speak so much.
  • Cherished by both our family and the neighborhood, she has a special place in everyone’s hearts.
  • Her enthusiasm for movies leads her to narrate their stories in intricate detail, making it feel like I’ve watched the movies myself.
  • Endowed with a great sense of humor, she can lighten up any tense situation.
  • Despite her talkative nature, she excels in her studies and aspires to become a lawyer, given her excellent communication skills.
  • Her company is never dull, as she effortlessly makes friends due to her extroverted nature.
  • Mindful of her health, she incorporates a daily morning walk into her routine.
  • While she was chubby in childhood, she has shed those extra kilos and now maintains a fit appearance.
  • Her talkative tendencies have occasionally caused trouble; teachers have reprimanded her for excessive talking, leading to punishments such as standing in the sun for an hour.
  • Even on the verge of fainting from the scorching heat, she remained unyieldingly talkative.
  • I adore this charming chatterbox, and when she is silent, it feels unsettling, something I don’t particularly enjoy.



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