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Describe a popular/famous person in your country

1. Do you think media is putting too much attention on famous people?
Yes, the media focuses more on celebrities rather than addressing other important issues. The pursuit of high TRP ratings drives this emphasis, as the audience’s interest in their favorite celebrities compels the media to give them excessive attention. For instance, Shah Rukh Khan’s son garnered prolonged TV coverage for his involvement in drugs, while gold medal-winning Olympians Abhinav Bindra and Neeraj Chopra faded from the media spotlight within days.

2. Do you think famous people are necessarily good in their fields?
Most famous people are indeed skilled in their fields, which is what initially garnered them fame. However, some individuals receive fame from the media despite lacking exceptional talent in their respective domains.

3. What are the differences between famous people today and those in the past?
Today’s famous individuals receive robust media backing, a stark contrast to the past when the media had limited reach. Additionally, contemporary fame is predominantly concentrated in sports and entertainment, whereas in the past, it extended to politics and academics.

4. What kinds of famous people are there in your country?
In my country, there are numerous famous individuals, including actors, actresses, sports figures, and those with extraordinary talents.

5. Why are some kids popular at school?
Certain kids gain popularity at school due to their academic excellence, sports prowess, or involvement in extracurricular activities. Natural extroversion can also contribute to making friends and achieving popularity.

6. Why do some people become famous but not successful?
Some people attain fame but not success because, after gaining recognition, they become complacent and cease putting in the effort. Consequently, they fail to meet public expectations and quickly fade into obscurity. For example, Bhagyashree experienced initial success with her first movie but failed to sustain it as her subsequent work did not resonate with the audience.

7. Are actors or actresses very interested in the work? Why?
Yes, actors and actresses are highly interested in their work because their success hinges on their dedication. Without genuine interest, they wouldn’t invest their heart and soul into acting, and this dedication is crucial for achieving success in their careers.



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