Describe a time that something changed your life in good ways.

Question – Describe a time that something changed your life in good ways.
You should say:
– When and where it happened
– What happened
– How you felt about it
– And explain how it changed your life in good ways

  • Nature follows the law of change.
  • Many things, whether known or unknown, influence changes in our lives.
  • Let me share a time when my life took a positive turn about two years ago.
  • Two years ago, my cousin Jasleen, who had gone to Canada for her higher education, visited us.
  • The Jasleen I knew used to be a size XXL.
  • However, the Jasleen in front of me after two years was a size XS, and she was unrecognizable.
  • Despite being with us for only two days, she significantly changed me.
  • I, too, was on the borderline of obesity, and nothing had worked for me in terms of weight loss until then.
  • I inquired about Jasleen’s journey from extra-large to extra-small.
  • She revealed that it hadn’t been easy, but she was determined to lose weight gradually and sustainably.
  • She prioritized walking to her college, which was just a mile away, while her friends took the bus.
  • Surprisingly, they reached the college in almost the same time, as she reached in 14 minutes with her brisk walk while they waited 5-10 minutes for the bus.
  • In the evenings, she spent time at the college library.
  • These daily four miles, combined with dietary changes like adding more fruit and cutting out sugar, transformed her in two years.
  • Inspired by her, I incorporated walking into my routine, cut out sugar from my tea, and opted for fruit as snacks between meals.
  • This lifestyle change not only improved my appearance but also boosted my confidence and overall health.
  • Now, all my clothes look good on me, and I no longer feel self-conscious about my body.



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