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Describe an interesting person that you have not met in person and would like to know more about

1. Are there any differences in the relationship between you and your friends and between you and other people?
Certainly, I communicate with my friends in a more honest and direct manner. I understand their limits and what they find tolerable because I know them well. Conversely, when interacting with strangers, I always fear saying or doing something that could hurt their feelings. As a result, I tend to be more reserved and occasionally conceal my true feelings when in the company of unfamiliar individuals.

2. Do people feel lonely in crowded cities?
Surprisingly, despite being geographically surrounded by people in cities, we are emotionally much farther apart. The busy lifestyle prevents people from finding time to interact and form close bonds with their neighbors and friends. Consequently, an increasing number of individuals in cities are grappling with problems of depression and loneliness.

3. Where and how can people get to know new people?
I believe that celebrations such as weddings, anniversaries, and birthday parties offer some of the best opportunities to meet new people. Additionally, meeting strangers is possible while traveling or exploring new places. In my opinion, understanding people involves actively spending time with them. For instance, during my travels, I engaged in games with fellow travelers, which allowed me to learn a great deal about them.

4. Can clothing tell and reveal a person’s personality?
Yes, I believe a person’s personality can be well-reflected by their appearance and clothing preferences. For instance, someone who chooses to don informal attire such as T-shirts and jeans likely possesses a carefree and casual demeanor. Similarly, individuals who consistently opt for formal clothing in public tend to exhibit a more disciplined nature.

5. Why do individuals from the same family have different personalities?
External factors such as media, teachers, and friends play a significant role in shaping personality, not just upbringing. Additionally, behavior is influenced by gender, as most families treat boys and girls differently.

6. How does society influence a person’s personality?
Social animals, we inherently tend to conform to societal standards. Individuals fear social exclusion and being labeled as outcasts if they deviate from the morals and ethics established by society. Consequently, people strive to align their behavior with what is deemed normal to seamlessly integrate into their surroundings.



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