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Describe someone you know who often helps others

  1. Do people nowadays help others more than in the past?
    Throughout history, individuals in every era have extended help to those in need, utilizing available means. Advances in technology have now provided people with more resources to assist others, a capability not present in the past.
  2. Who should teach children to help others, parents or teachers?
    Parents and teachers both bear the responsibility of instilling the value of helping others in children. Parents serve as role models, while teachers can integrate lessons and activities in schools to impart this value.
  3. In what kind of professions do people help others more?
    People in all professions have the opportunity to aid others, either directly or indirectly through their products and services. However, individuals working in social/community service fields, such as NGOs addressing child education, women empowerment, and other social issues, often have more direct involvement in helping others.
  4. Why are some people willing to help others?
    Individuals who possess empathy, sensitivity, and compassion are more inclined to assist others. These values are frequently instilled during their upbringing by parents, teachers, and other influential figures.
  5. How can children help their parents at home?
    Children can contribute to household chores by taking out the trash, washing utensils after meals, and cleaning. Additionally, they can aid their parents by being independent, handling tasks like getting ready, completing homework, and eating on time.
  6. Should children be taught to help others?
    Certainly, instilling the value of helping others should begin in children at a young age. Learning to help others not only fosters important qualities but also plays a role in their ability to make friends.
  7. What makes children help each other at school?
    Children help each other at school primarily because they understand each other’s feelings, belonging to the same age group. They believe they can provide better assistance to each other than adults.
  8. Should students do community service? Why?
    Yes, students should engage in community service as it cultivates essential qualities such as discipline and responsibility. It fosters a sense of ownership and connection to society, creating a stronger bond with the community.
  9. Do students in your country do volunteer work?
    Regrettably, no. In India, parents prioritize academics, making it challenging for students to allocate time to activities beyond studies and computer games. Parental restrictions often prevent students from participating in volunteer work.



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