IELTS Listening Practice Test – Exercise 150

Questions 1-4  Listen from here

Complete the notes below.


Easylet Accommodation Agency

Cheapest properties: £  per week

Minimum period of contract: 

Office open Saturdays until 

List of properties available on 

Notes completion

Task guide

►    This task requires you to write answers that are pieces of information given in the recording you hear.

►    Read the instructions carefully. These will tell you the maximum number of words you can use to answer the questions – this may be as many as three, but may be only two or one. They may also tell you that numbers are required.

►    The words or numbers you need are on the recording. Do not rephrase or change the form of the words on the recording.

►    The questions follow the order of the recording.

Step-by-step guide

►    Step 1 – Think first

Look at the notes. What sort of information is required in each gap? Decide if each gap 1-4 will require:

  • word(s)
  • a number
  • word(s) and a number.

►    Step 2 – Now listen and do the task

►    Step 3 – Check what you heard

Three things are important:

  • you must be ready for the information,
  • you must write the correct information,
  • you must be careful not to write the wrong information.

For example, look at the tapescript for Question 1:

  • the words which lead you to the answer are underlined.
  • the number you must write for the answer is marked.
  • words which you might wrongly think could be the answer are in italics


Man: Easylet. Good morning. How can I help you?

Woman: Hello. I saw your advertisement in the paper and I’m calling to ask about renting a flat. 

Man: Certainly. What kind of flat had you in mind?

Woman: Well, er, I don’t know exactly … I mean, it depends on price, to some extent.

Man: OK, now we have properties across the whole range. The average is probably £120 a week.

Woman: Oh, I was hoping for something a little cheaper.

Man: They start at £90 that’s the up to £200.

Woman: I could manage the lowest figure.

Now listen and do the rest by yourself.

Show workspace

Questions 5-7  Listen from here

Choose THREE letters A-G.

Which THREE things are included for free with every property for rent from Easylet?




A heating bills

B kitchen equipment 

C plates and glasses 

D sheets and towels 

E telephone 

F television 

G water bill

Tips: Multiple-choice with multiple answers

Task guide

►    This task requires you to choose correct answers from a list of possible answers.

►    You get one mark for each correct answer.

►    It’s very important to read the instructions carefully. They will tell you what to listen for. You will probably hear something connected with all the options. The instructions will tell you the reason for choosing some of the options on the list.

►    The options are usually listed in alphabetical order.

►    The order of the options in the list will probably differ from the order of the recording.

►    You may hear exactly the same words as appear in the options, or you may hear alternative phrases that have the same meaning.

►    You can write the correct answers in any order

Step-by-step guide

►    Step 1 – Think first

Look at the instructions. You are listening for things that are ‘included for free‘ in ‘every property for rent‘.

Think about ways of giving this information.

►    Step 2 – Check what you hear

For example: Look at this part of the tapescript, which relates to options B and C. 


Man: That depends on the flat, to a certain extent, although some things are standard in all flats. For example, every flat has kitchen equipment provided for your use. 

Woman: Good. Does that also mean tableware, cups, glasses, plates?

Man: In some flats, but not all.

  • B (kitchen equipment) is a correct answer.
  • C (plates and glasses) is not a correct answer, although it is clearly mentioned. Plates and glasses are ‘included for free‘, but not in ‘every flat‘.

► Step 3 – Listen and do the task 

Show workspace

Questions 8-10  Listen from here

Label the map below.

Write the correct letter A-H next to questions 8-10.

Where are the following blocks of flats situated?

 ABCDEFGH   Eastern Towers

 ABCDEFGH   Granby Mansions

10  ABCDEFGH  Busby Garden


Tips: Labelling a map/plan/diagram

Task guide

►    This task requires you to label a map with the correct places or points using the information you hear in the recording. Similar tasks may require you to label a plan or a diagram.

►    The questions follow the order of the recording. If you realise you have missed one question, make sure you focus carefully for the next one.

►    The map and the recording will give you a starting point. Listen carefully because finding the answers greatly depends on locating the starting point in the map.

►    There are several more possible places than you need marked on the map. Follow the speaker’s directions carefully before you decide which is the correct place.

►    The information about the starting point is repeated for each question. Do not worry too much if you miss one question, or feel you have got one question wrong.


Step-by-step Guide

►    Step 1 – Think first

Look at the map and try to locate the starting point.

Remind yourself of the language of directions: turn left, go straight on, follow along, etc.

The possible places on the map will often be quite close together, so you need to listen carefully to decide which of two or three possibilities is correct in each case.

►    Step 2 – Locate the starting point

For example: Look at this section of the tapescript, which tells you where the starting point is, and locate it in the map.


Woman: Could you tell me where they are? I’m at the train station at the moment.

Man: Eastern Towers, if you’re coming from the station, isn’t very far.

In this case, you should start reading the map in the top left corner, which is clearly marked ‘From train station‘. This is your starting point for all three blocks of flats.

►    Step 3 – Check what you will hear

Look at the next section of the script. Follow the speaker’s directions carefully. Pay special attention to the different references to ‘left‘ and ‘right‘.


Man: Eastern Towers, if you’re coming from the station, isn’t very far. Cross over City Bridge. Then go left, and where the road divides, you want the right-hand fork. You’ll see Eastern Towers on the left side of the road. It’s a lovely building, with trees around it.

The relevant information is in bold. Notice that the reference to trees will not help you find the answer.

►    Step 4 – Listen and do the task



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