IELTS Listening Practice Test – Exercise 59

Question 1-6

Choose the correct letter, A, B or C.

Research Project

1. How did John choose the topic of his research project?

A  He thought the information would be useful for town planning.

B  He has a special interest in the use of public services.

C  He read about a similar study which had been done earlier.

2. During his research, John is expecting to find that

A  The use of public services has altered very little.

B  A group of people has changed its habits.

C  The most frequently used facility is the library.

3. What is the problem with using official records?

A  They may be lacking in detail.

B  They may not be readily available.

C  They may be difficult to analyse.

4. What does the tutor think about John using a questionnaire to get information?

A  He needs to do a course in questionnaire design first.

B   He should use this method instead of looking at public records.

C   He will find the practice he gets useful the following year.

5. Which new variable does John agree to add to his investigation?

A    Occupation

B     Income group

C     Qualifications

6. How many questionnaires will John distribute?

A         The same number as    in the   previous    study

B         A greater number than he needs for analysis

C       The number recommended  in the project guidelines 

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Question 7-8

Choose TWO letters, A-E

Which TWO strategies will John use to encourage people to fill out his questionnaire?

A         Using simple language

B         Delivering the questionnaires in person

C       Making the questionnaires anonymous

D         Providing return envelopes

E         Trialing the questionnaire on friends

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Questions 9 and 10

Choose TWO letters, A-E.

Which TWO pieces of advice does the tutor give John about his questionnaire?

A         There should be a mixture of question types.

B         Some questions should elicit personal information.

C         There should be an introduction to explain the survey’s purpose.

D         A telephone number should be provided for queries.

E          The questions should only take a few minutes to answer.



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