IELTS Reading Practice – Multiple choice- Exercise 2

Read the text and answer the questions below.

August 1985: The worst month for air disasters

There are many grim landmarks in the history of aviation. One in particular stands out. Three decades ago, 720 travellers and crew lost their lives on board commercial aircraft in a single month – more than in any other before or since.

The deaths occurred in four separate accidents in August 1985. Each disaster had quite different causes. The aircraft involved ranged from a 747 with hundreds on board to a tiny twin engine turboprop carrying just eight people.

There was Japan Air Lines flight 123, the worst single-aircraft accident in history, in which 520 of 524 on board were killed. A further 137 died when Delta flight 191 flew into heavy winds as it approached Dallas-Fort Worth International. A fire on board British Airtours flight 28M at Manchester Airport led to 55 deaths. And all those on board the smallest aircraft, Bar Harbor Airlines flight 1808, lost their lives as it flew into a small airport in Maine, USA.

Each, in their own way, had a lasting legacy, whether in the memories of those left bereaved or in changes in technology and procedure introduced as a direct result. The worst death toll was on Japan Air Lines Flight 123, a Boeing 747, which was en route from Tokyo to Osaka on 12 August 1985 when the airtight bulkhead between its cabin and tail tore open. The change in pressure blew off the vertical stabiliser, or tail fin. It also destroyed the hydraulic systems. The plane lurched up and down.

Choose the correct letter, AB, C or D.

  1. When did the 720 travellers die? Show hint
    1.  Thirteen decades ago.
    2.  A few decades ago.
    3.  30 years ago.
    4.  There is no information about it.
  2. Twin engine turboprop could carry: Show hint
    1.  Eight people.
    2.  Four people.
    3.  Two people.
    4.  Only a pilot.
  3. The worst accident in history, according to the paragraph, was: Show hint
    1.  Flight 123.
    2.  Delta flight 191.
    3.  British Airtours flight 28M.
    4.  Bar Harbor Airlines flight 1808.
  4. Why did the Japan Air Lines Flight 123 crashed? Show hint
    1.  The change in pressure blew off the vertical stabiliser.
    2.  Destruction of the hydraulic systems.
    3.  The airtight bulkhead between its cabin and tail tore open.
    4.  It is unknown.



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