IELTS Speaking Part 1 – Introduction – Colours


  1. What is your favorite color?
    I have liked red since childhood; it’s a fun, bold, and bright color that I find appealing.
  2. Which color do you dislike, and why?
    Brown is a color I don’t like; I find it very dull and boring.
  3. What colors do most of your friends prefer?
    Most of my friends prefer blue, red, black, and pink.
  4. What color makes you uncomfortable in your room?
    Black makes me uncomfortable in my room. I prefer lighter colors on my room walls as they make the space look brighter.
  5. Which colors do you appreciate?
    While I like all colors, red remains my favorite.
  6. What is the most popular color in India?
    It’s challenging to generalize one color as the most popular in India. However, the three colors of the national flag—green for prosperity, saffron for sacrifice, and white for peace—are widely recognized and esteemed.
  7. Do you prefer to wear dark or bright colors?
    In winters, I like to wear dark or bright colors, but during summers, I prefer lighter shades.
  8. Do colors influence your mood?
    Certainly, colors influence my mood. Bright colors energize me, while light shades have a calming effect.
  9. Did color matter to you in childhood?
    Color mattered to me in childhood; I always wanted things in red, according to what my mother tells me. My school bag and clothes often had shades of red.
  10. Does color matter when you make purchases?
    Certainly, color is crucial in my shopping decisions. I prefer light pastel shades for clothes and bright shades for household items like bed sheets and dinner sets.
  11. Is there a color you don’t want in your home?
    While I like all colors, I wouldn’t choose grey for the walls of my house as I find it dull.
  12. What is the difference in color preferences between men and women?
    There are no gender differences in color preferences nowadays. Both men and women wear all types of colors.
  13. Have you ever observed a rainbow?
    Yes, I have seen a rainbow many times, especially during the rainy season. It looks beautiful with its seven colors—violet, indigo, blue, green, yellow, orange, and red. In Hindu mythology, it is known as Indradhanush, the bow of the Lord Indra, the deity of thunder and lightning.



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