IELTS Speaking Part 1 – Introduction – Newspaper


  1. Do you often read newspapers?
    Yes, I frequently read newspapers, exploring the daily happenings in my surroundings and worldwide.
  2. Which do you prefer reading, magazines or newspapers?
    I prefer newspapers because they keep me informed about my surroundings.
  3. What kinds of newspapers or magazines do you usually read?
    I regularly read the Tribune, a national newspaper with the highest circulation in Punjab, as my father has a subscription.
  4. How old were you when you first started to read newspapers?
    I began reading newspapers at the age of 10, starting with the sports section.
  5. Do you think it’s important to read newspapers? (Why?/Why not?)
    Reading newspapers is crucial as it keeps us connected to the global community.
  6. Why do people read newspapers?
    People read newspapers to stay informed about their surroundings, international news, employment opportunities, and matrimonial announcements.
  7. What different types of newspapers are there in India?
    India has broadsheets and tabloids, published in English, Hindi, Punjabi, and various regional languages.
  8. Do you care about the news?
    Yes, I consider news essential for staying aware of local and global events.
  9. Is the news important to you?
    Indeed, the news holds significance for me as it helps me stay informed about the world.
  10. What kinds of news do Indian people read in newspapers?
    Indian readers engage with various types of news, including local, national, international, sports, and more.
  11. Do you prefer to read about domestic or international news? (Why?)
    I enjoy reading both domestic and international news to broaden my understanding of global affairs.
  12. What are some methods that newspapers use to attract readers?
    Newspapers attract readers through colorful graphics, bold headlines, and the inclusion of puzzles like Sudoku and crosswords.
  13. What influence do newspapers have on society?
    Newspapers shape public opinions, serve as a link between the government and people through letters to the editor, and provide entertainment.
  14. Do you think the Internet is a good way to get news?
    Yes, the Internet is an excellent way to access news, with e-newspaper subscriptions and apps from TV news channels keeping people constantly updated.



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