IELTS Speaking Part 1 – Introduction – Sky


a. Do you enjoy observing the sky?
Yes, I love gazing at the clear blue sky and appreciating nature. The sight of the sky serves as a reminder that life has no limits or boundaries, and we can achieve anything we desire.

b. How do you feel about stars?
Yes, I also find pleasure in observing the stars at times. I read about constellations in my childhood, and I enjoy locating them in the sky. My favorite constellation is Orion.

c. What is an ideal location for stargazing?
I believe mountains offer the best vantage point for stargazing. The reduced pollution in the mountains allows stars to be clearly visible, appearing closer.

d. Do you possess knowledge about stars?
Our galaxy is home to millions of stars, with the sun being our nearest star. It provides the energy necessary for life on our planet.

e. How frequently do you direct your gaze towards the sky?
I don’t often look at the sky during sunny daytime hours, but I love observing the sky at night, especially when it is adorned with numerous stars.

f. Do you have a preference for the morning or night sky?
As mentioned earlier, I prefer observing the sky at night because it is more enjoyable.

g. Can you view the moon and stars at night from your location?
Yes, I can see the moon and stars from my residence as I live on the top floor, providing me with a beautiful view of the sky from the rooftop.

h. Is there an optimal place for sky observation in your vicinity?
In our city, the lake stands out as the best location for observing the sky. The lake also offers the enchanting view of star and moon reflections in the water.

i. Do you harbor a desire to inhabit other planets?
I have no desire to live on other planets. There are numerous challenges associated with dwelling on other planets, and I don’t believe it’s currently feasible.



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