IELTS Speaking Part 1 – Introduction – Television and Radio

Television and Radio

  1. What kind of entertainment do you prefer, TV or radio? (Why?)
    I prefer TV over radio because it offers both audio and visual components. I only listen to the radio when I’m traveling.
  2. How do radio programs and television programs differ?
    While listening to the radio, one can multitask, such as cooking or driving, which is not possible when watching TV. Radio programs are more cost-effective as there is no subscription required, whereas watching television is comparatively more expensive. Radio programs are audio-only, while TV provides both audio and visual elements.
  3. What programs do you like to watch/listen to?
    I enjoy watching sitcoms like “Comedy Nights with Kapil,” daily soaps, sports channels, and news programs on TV. Alternatively, I listen to radio channels like Radio Mirchi to catch the latest songs.
  4. When do you watch TV/listen to the radio?
    I primarily watch TV in the evenings, gathering with family members to enjoy sitcoms or news channels. I listen to the radio exclusively when traveling with my parents in our car.
  5. In India, has television/radio changed much in recent years?
    Television has undergone significant changes with the addition of new channels and programs, the popularity of high-definition TV, and the ability to watch international shows simultaneously. Radio has also seen improvements with the addition of new channels, showcasing advancements in both TV and radio.
  6. How do you think TV/radio broadcasts in India could be improved?
    The addition of educational shows could enhance TV and radio broadcasts. Overall, I am satisfied with the current TV programs and radio broadcasts.
  7. Do you prefer TV news or news on the radio? (Why?)
    I prefer TV news over radio news because TV provides both audio and visual components, offering a more comprehensive experience.
  8. Do you watch programs on the TV or your cell phone?
    I prefer watching programs on TV rather than my cell phone, as I find the screen too small for a fulfilling experience. While I occasionally watch short trailers or clips on my cell phone, I opt for the TV or laptop for full-length programs.
  9. Do you like watching the same kind of programs all the time?
    No, given the vast content available on TV, especially with streaming platforms like Netflix and Prime, I enjoy exploring new programs and genres.
  10. Do you talk with your friends about the program you watched?
    Yes, I frequently discuss the programs I watched with my friends. I particularly enjoy “The Kapil Sharma Show,” sharing jokes and discussing dance performances from reality shows with my friends.



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