Introduction – Home/Accommodation


  1. What type of housing do you reside in?
    I live in a two-story brick house.
  2. Can you provide a brief description of your residence?
    My home is a two-story brick house comprising four bedrooms with attached bathrooms, a kitchen, a living room, and a drawing room. It features a small lawn in the front and a kitchen garden in the backyard.
  3. Which room in your home is your favorite?
    My favorite room is my personal bedroom, as I’ve decorated it to suit my taste.
  4. How have you adorned your room to enhance its appearance?
    I maintain my room in impeccable condition. The walls are painted in a light pink shade, my favorite color, and adorned with floral curtains.
  5. Who are your cohabitants?
    I share my home with my parents and my brother.
  6. Which room does your family predominantly use?
    The living room is where my family spends the most time. We have our meals there, watch TV together, and entertain casual guests.
  7. How long have you resided there?
    I have lived in this house since birth.
  8. Do you foresee a long-term residence in the same place?
    While I am planning to go abroad for my studies, I have a deep affection for my home and would like to return.
  9. (If you haven’t lived there for an extended period) How does your current residence differ from your previous ones?
  10. What activities typically occupy your time at home?
    I engage in various activities at home, including spending time with my family, having meals, sleeping, studying, and hosting guests.
  11. Are the transportation facilities to your hometown efficient?
    Yes, the transportation facilities to my home are excellent. The bus service is frequently available, and the railway station is conveniently located.
  12. Are there any plans for relocation?
    I plan to go abroad for higher education, but aside from that, I do not have any relocation plans.
  13. Would you consider moving to a different location? (Why or why not?)
    Considering my plan for higher education abroad, if I find it appealing, I might contemplate settling there.
  14. Are you currently prepared for a move?
    No, I am not presently prepared to relocate.



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